When is launch?

Launch has now been completed.

How do I purchase?

You can purchase via Opensea.

Who is behind the project?

The project is a collaboration facilitated by MoBA Ventures – an Australian-based experimental technology company. We run MoBA Gallery, a twitter gallery for artists to have their work discovered by the NFT community. 

It was designed not only as an effort in fine art production via the use of technology, exploring the use of story telling and building cross media experiences, but it can also be used as an educational resource for GAN production. 

How is the art created?

The images are generated are by a custom GAN – a generative adversarial network. This is a specific kind of neural network specialised in producing images. It uses sophisticated AI to drive  two components against each-other: a creative ‘Generator’ and a critical ‘Discriminator’.

The Generator constantly works at improving its output while the Discriminator hones its ability; the Generators outputs, to make them converge as much as possible towards a set of training images. In doing so, it mirrors the processes of human learning and imagination and, ultimately produces original artwork.

What’s with name ‘Maxon Bollocks’?

Maxon Bollocks is a play on legendary abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock. The concept was originally conceived as a parody of contemporary digital art. Hence the name – ‘The literal meaning of the name Maxon (Biggest) and Bollocks (Balls).

Starting from the thesis that the value of art is driven by story and marketing spin, we began to experiment with art that was produced in tandem with narrative. The project began as a story about a struggling artist and marketer raising an AI. What it became surprised even the team that created it. 

How will the treasure hunt work?

The specifics of the treasure hunt will be announced after the rarity reveal. You will need to hold tokens and potentially trade tokens to participate in the treasure hunt.

What happens to the GAN after the project? Will you continue to produce more art?

No, the GAN will be permanently deleted and never produce any more art. The artworks available produced for this effort are all it will ever produce – for reasons that will become apparent as the narrative progresses. By taking part in this project, you are literally buying into the life and death of one of history’s first AI artists.

What is the Royalty fee?

On all secondary sales, the team has set the royalty to be 5% of the sale price.