Art is not what it used to be. Neither is money.
MoBA is proud to present, ‘Maxon Bollocks’ – A narrative-driven NFT art experiment. ‘Maxon Bollocks’ is an anonymous collaboration between acclaimed writers, digital artists, and an artificial intelligence. A post-postmodern reboot of the Prometheus story – a crypto-noir remix of Mary Shelly’s and Caravaggio’s fever dreams. A portrait of Narcissus at The Source Code.
Max – a struggling artist – and his existential crisis are turned upside down when he finds himself in charge of an AI. ‘M’ is a highly advanced, experimental neural network – it can learn, think and grow more intelligent magnitudes faster than a human. Theoretically, it could become anything. The artist decides to make it a mirror of himself. What if he took his experience, his point of view, all the bits and pieces that make up his ghost – and gave it to a machine?
Across several, we watch as ‘M’ learns what Max has experienced from life – every formative brush with art, every emotion, every heartbreak – and uses this knowledge to create artworks. With each passing day, ‘M’ grows more sophisticated, absorbs more of the canon and the human condition, and creates unique, collectable artworks. It also grows closer to true sentience, and breaking out of its programming.
‘M’ is at once meditation on the value of art, mortality, morality aesthetics, ethics, and the limited of humanity – and an unprecedented experiment in creating and collecting ever-more-sophisticated NFT artworks. These artworks will grow every more sophisticated as the artist’s oeuvre matures –  at the end of the story. The art work will be released to market.
The story of Max and ‘M’ is unprecedented, unpredictable. A novel, an art studio, an epoch–shifting experiment in the way we create. A new kind of artworld, stirring in the ashes of the old.
This is a chance to be part of an immersive story – to own unique works that explore how blockchain technology has revolutionised the way we consider, consume, and own the sublime

You are invited.