A narrative driven AI experiment in art.

One story, unique abstract artworks, own the future of art history.

What is Maxon Bollocks?

‘Maxon Bollocks’ is narrative-driven NFT art collection. It is at once a meditation on the value of art, mortality, morality aesthetics, ethics, and the limits of humanity. An unprecedented experiment in creating and collecting ever-more-sophisticated NFT artworks.

  •  3,888 Unique NFTs
  • All art is generated by a custom-built GAN.
  • Written by an award-winning & best selling author.

The Art

All NFTs are generated by a custom GAN (Generative Adversarial Network). We are treating this project as a time capsule of GAN art in 2021. The collection is therefore made up of the breadth of images produced by the GAN.

They range from very simplistic noise to more advanced “Mini-Masterpieces”. Abstraction is the common thread across the collection.

Rarity Reveal

The rarity reveal will happen 7 days after the project is sold out.

Prior to that, rarity will be alluded to throughout the story. For astute collectors, clues as to what maybe rare and what may not, will be within the story. Reading and considering the story allows you to play “Art Historian”, it will give collectors the best chance of trading into rarer pieces prior to the reveal.


Max must redeem himself. Redemption is a loyalty experience for token holders. Holding select Maxons may provide collectors the opportunity to claim additional NFTs including the ‘M’ Collection, an exclusive small batch collection created by ‘M’, forever staking its claim on the art.

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How it works?

The story of Maxon Bollocks will be serialised online over 3 to 4 weeks. At the story’s conclusion, we will release a 3,888 NFT art collection which is uniquely tied to the narrative. Reading the story provides collectors with the opportunity to determine rarity, and clues to further value.